So what is the technique for a good footjob?

Don't die without trying, here is the right technique for a good footjob or masturbation. Footjob or masturbation with the feet is a fetish, it is infallible for your partner to get excited quickly and burst with pleasure.

Nice footjob

Footjob is a sexual fetish that many women try, putting this technique into practice your partner will be very satisfied. The footjob is a new fetish that gives more importance to the feet, this technique is mainly intended for male pleasure.

How to realize a good footjob?

To realize a footjob, it is necessary that our body and that of our partner are completely relaxed, in this exercise we replace the hands by the feet. A tip to completely relax the feet, before starting the footjob, is to wash your feet with hot water, so that they relax and become more supple.

Your partner will feel your skin better and, of course, he will have much more pleasure. Use the heel of your feet, this part will pass over his penis, so it will be like a massage.

You will feel a lot of pleasure and excitement. To level and make the massage perfect, place your penis on your belly, so that you have all the necessary space to massage the whole area, rubbing from the testicles to the end.

Good footjob!.